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ted, standing up and extending his hand. "Mom's gonna be really glad she paid for those braces a couple of xnxx korea years ago." "I'll try it." Daniel also shook Rick's hand. "Sounds like a good way to buy my own car." "Good." Rick gave them each a business card. I'll make all the arrangements, and see you when we sit down with your folks." "I'm actually already eighteen, and Daniel's eighteen in April." JD said, pocketing xnxx porn the card. "We can sign our own contracts. At least I can." "It's still a good idea to involve your parents, until school is done anyway." Rick patted him on the shoulder. "You never know when you'll need family." "I want my folks to help me." Daniel said, standing up. "Gentlemen, I look forward to working porn xnxx with you." They watched Rick move back into the crowd, both unable xnxx. to believe what they'd just xnxx teen heard. Daniel almost quivered with excitement. He felt JD's hand touch his, and closed his fingers around it. "I don't believe that." Daniel said quietly. "Did you set that up, Dane?" "I've worked for him a mom xnxx couple of times. It's good money guys, and it's not hard. All I had to do was stand in a big box of sand wearing their shorts and a t-shirt, and look like I was porno playing volley ball with this other guy." Later that night, Daniel lay on top of JD on the family room floor, staring into his emerald green eyes. Daniel's parents were playing pinochle, and wouldn't be home until after midnight, giving them the run of the house for about another hour. "I think it would be very vidio xnxx cool to travel around with you and see the world." JD brushed Daniel's bangs back out of his eyes. "We could maybe www.xnxx do shoots together, xnxx videos and say we had to work as a team or something." xxx video Daniel rested his chin on his hands, stretched across JD's muscular chest. "I think it'll be fun, but I'm not gonna get all worked up about it." He tickled JD's bare thigh with his toes, causing the other to jump and giggle. "We don't know wwwxnxx what to expect, so let's just take it one step at a time, okay? I'd love to zoo xnxx travel the videos xnxx world with you, but right now I'll settle for having you intact and with me." He reached between their flat stomachs and gently stroked JD's hardening penis. JD ran his fingertips up Daniel's back, causing goose bumps on his arms and legs. "You're the boss, Danny. sex video You've got a lot better business sense than I do." He pulled Daniel up and kissed him, loving the spark of a thrill that always went through him when they did. Daniel's hand on him was like candy that never ran out, and he arched and almost purred. Daniel xnxx stories gently spread JD's legs and entered him, moving very slowly and deliberately. He stopped when his balls sex videos touched JD, then leaned forward and resumed his work on JD's engorged mom xnxx dick, pumping porn xnxx slowly. JD groaned and arched again, trying to get as close to Daniel as possible. Daniel leaned forward sex xnxx and kiss him, tongue fucking his mouth while JD rubbed his nipples. Not wanting to hurry, Daniel pulled xxx videos out and lay japan xnxx back, inviting JD in. JD ran his lips and tongue from desi xnxx the lightening locket to the porn videos base of his scrotum, causing more goose bumps to rise. He xnxx barat let JD xnxx 2019 roll him on his side, which was www xnxx com rapidly becoming a favorite xnxx/ position, and felt him enter. Daniel tensed briefly, feeling JD's head penetrate his sphincter, then relaxed as the rest slid in. He felt xxx videos the warmth spread through his crotch and abdomen like it always did, and JD's arm snaked around his middle to grasp his very hard erection. Their rhythm sex video started slowly, but gained momentum. Daniel struggled to hold off his orgasm, trying like they always did to cum together. He could feel JD's cock begin to throb, and xnxx japan he was unable to stop. Aaaagh!" JD grunted in Daniel's ear, xnxx gay shooting a massive load. He held tightly to Daniel, desperately trying to keep pumping. Daniel arched, nearly pulling away, then fell back, xxx xnxx causing JD to go in as deep as he'd ever gone. He saw sparks and blew another massive amount into Daniel. Daniel came like a freight train, shooting white globs six feet xnxx com across the floor, completely off the blanket they'd put down. He pulsed and pulsed, draining every ounce of energy he thought he'd ever have, overcome by ecstasy. They stayed that way for many www xnxx minutes, both still feeling a tremor run through their bodies. It was xvideo some time before either spoke, breathing hard xnxn and sweating like horses. JD pulled out and away, hearing xnxx videos the sticky xnxx tv peeling sounds between them. "Dude, we are a mess." He said, standing up to get a washcloth xnxx tamil for the carpet. He pulled Daniel up and embraced him. "I can't figure out how you make me come so hard, but you do." "Raw fucking talent." Daniel smirked xnxx mom and kissed him. "Let's hurry and clean up. Hopefully we have time for a shower." He padded out of the room. JD rolled xnxx download up the blanket and threw it in the washer and started it. Daniel touched a cold can of coke to his ass, causing him to jump. They scrubbed the spots up, put www.xnxx away the cleaning things, then took a fairly long shower together, spent, but enjoying the roaming hands and the lather. Daniel's parents found them asleep in front of the TV, Daniel sprawled all over the recliner, and JD on the floor. They through blankets over the boys and tamil xnxx went to bed. Date: 02 www xnxx Aug 99 11:55:15 From: rimshotplanetaccess Subject: Daniel and JD part6 Daniel and JD Part 6 / Tyler I have taken the liberty of jumping a few years a head with xnxx com/ Daniel and JD, and skipped establishing their careers over much. The usual characters will turn up, but I wanted to try some ideas. Feel free to send your messages to rimshotplanetaccess I have really enjoyed the emails, and try to answer them all. Thanks, Dan Daniel and JD part 6 / Tyler The New Mexico heat nxxn on the first of July was crushing. JD stepped into the trailer the company provided for he and Daniel to www.xnxx use and kicked his sandals off irritably. He reached up and turned the A/C unit on high then peeled off the swimming suit he had just been shot in. It was an almost nonexistent thong made of some ultra stretchy neon yellow nylon, and JD hated it. He didn't like any garment that road up video xnxx his ass, especially those that were designed to, no sex matter how indian xnxx sexy they were supposed porn videos to be. His cut and muscular twenty three year old body was covered in thick oil and some make up, and with a grunt of disgust, he climbed into the shower, only to find that the xnxx japan coldest water he could get was luke warm. He scrubbed xvideo until he was red to get the oil off, peeling it at times like rubber cement. It xnxx cina to twice as long to get it off the shower floor as it had to shower. JD moved back into the living area and aimed xnnx xnxx asia all the A/C vents at the queen bed, the only saving grace the trailer had, and japan xnxx threw him self on it, luxuriating in the icy air. He could feel the beginnings of sunburn on his shoulders, xnxx com/ and even on indian xnxx his ass cheeks, which really pissed him off. Thank god the shoot xnxx jepang was over xnxx indo tonight after the night session. He and Daniel were headed home after being away nine months this time. They had never guessed that a career in modeling meant life on the road, and made every effort to get home xnxx jav as often as possible. This time was different. JD's dad had found them xnnn a condo that fit what they had been hoping for, and with the money they had saved, vidio xnxx and the money Daniel's dad xnxx hd had invested for them, they had more than enough to by it. They would have roots and a home to go back to that was theirs and theirs alone. JD drifted off for nearly an hour, thinking thoughts of home and a new house. About three in the afternoon, the trailer door opened and a young man came in carrying the clothes for the night shoot. He was about 5'9" tall, sandy brown hair, and thin, dressed in sandals and a battered pair of khaki shorts. He was very tan wwwxnxx from the New Mexico sun, and wore Oakley sunglasses. He started to put the clothes in the closet and turned, noticing JD xnxx video naked on the porn bed for the first time. His jaw dropped. "Oh, shit! I'm sorry!" The xxn boy stammered, backing into the fridge and sink counter. "I didn't know you vina garut xnxx were back, Mr. Cammus." He dropped one of the hangers and bent to pick it up, spilling the rest. "Damn." He muttered, almost in a panic. It was well known that the models hated to be disturbed, and he was sure this was going to snap him in the ass when he got back to the xnx wardrobe trailer. "Calm down, kid," JD jumped up to help, unaware of his lack of clothing. He rarely wore any in xnxx selingkuh the trailer because of the heat. "You didn't do anything wrong. Let me get xnxx korea xxx video that for you." He handed one of the plastic covered garments to the boy to hang up, disappointed xvideos that the night shoot was going to be formals. "I'll get out of you way, sir. Really, I'm sorry!" JD put his hands on his hips and started to laugh, watching the kid cram pressed clothes into the tiny closet. "If you don't calm down soon, your gonna end bokep xnxx up redoing all of those, and the Barracuda will have your nuts." The Barracuda was Mike Barruka, the unit director that Daniel and JD worked with on nine out of xnxx. com ten shoots. He had a legendary temper. JD finally took the hangers and gently but firmly pushed mom xnxx the boy into one of the bench seats at the table. "Stay put for a minute and let me fix these before we're both up shit creek, okay?" He hung the clothes up and straightened them before closing the xnxx. door. "SIR, I." The kid started, clamping his mouth when JD stopped him. "You call me sir again, and I'm gonna get mad. I'm JD." He held out his hand. "What's your name, kid?" "Tyler, sir" He said, taking the hand then scrunching his face up. "Shit, sorry, uh..JD." "That's better. You want a coke?" JD opened the little fridge and grabbed two cans, handed one to Tyler, then crawled back up onto the bed and xxxx opened his. "I xnxx tamil haven't seen you around here much. Are you from the temp zoo xnxx agency?" Tyler took a sip of the coke, very xnxx indonesia grateful for the chance to sit down for a few minutes. The xnxx telugu lady at the wardrobe trailer had run xxnx his ass off since six that morning. He was exhausted. He nodded. "I was hoping to get on so I could leave, but it doesn't look like that'll happen." "Leave xxnxx where?" JD asked. "That little sex video town out at the highway?" "Yeah. I turned eighteen two xxx months ago, desi xnxx and my mom said I could leave if I had a job." xnxx download wwwxnxx Tyler relaxed a little, deciding that maybe JD was a little different than the two girls that xnxx indian had yelled xxx at him this morning. It was weird seeing him naked and not embarrassed, but it really didn't matter in the long run. "To go where?" JD asked. Something about www xnxx this kid hit his kindred video porno spirit button, and he wanted to know why. "Are you going to school or something?" "There aren't any xxnn down here. I road the bus to school xnxx japanese my whole life. That town you saw only has three hundred people in it. You're looking at number two twenty three. There's xnxx stories not much to do." Tyler took another drink of the pop. "How did you end up out here with us?" "The wardrobe lady came into town yesterday and asked some of us if we wanted to work. xxn I jumped on it because I want to buy a car and leave this infected cesspool." JD sat up and crossed his legs, running xnxx indian his fingers through his long wet hair. "They don't need you to stay on, huh?" "No." Tyler said quietly. He sat the can down and started to get xnxx sex up. "I gotta go, man. Thanks for the coke." "Sit down a minute." JD held up his hand and picked up the phone xnxx com/ by the bed, dialing the camp operator. "I need the Barracuda, please." He said, watching the sex videos kid's sex eyes go wide. "Mike, can Daniel and I have personal xnxx app assistant?" He listened for a minute and smiled holding his thumb up. "Yeah, we can pay thirty percent. I'll sent him over to Randa Page." He hung up the phone and draped his hands over his knees. "Well, Tyler, I hate to break it to ya, but if you really want to go, you just got xnxx arab hired on by Kirkland, Shales, and Rayburn." He held out his hand. "No shit?" Tyler's face lit up and he grabbed JD's hand, nearly pulling him indo xnxx porno off the bed. xnxx sex videos xxn "This is so fucking cool!" He stopped, realizing what he'd said. "Sorry." He grinned sheepishly. "No sweat. My partner Daniel swears like a fucking sailor." Almost on que, the door banged open and Daniel stomped in, obviously sunburned and cranky. He went right past them into the shower, throwing his xnxx sex baggy swimsuit in the vague direction of the table. JD held his finger up to silence Tyler's questions. A few minutes later Daniel stomped out of the bathroom and got a coke out of the fridge, drank it down, belched, then opened another one. He threw himself into the small chair by the xnx door and put his feet on the table. He had also elected to go naked, again shocking Tyler. "It's fucking hot, you know that?" He asked, favoring JD with a weary grin. "Who's this?" he asked pointing a finger at Tyler. "That's Tyler. He's our new Personal Assistant." "Wow, how do we rate?" Daniel absentmindedly scratch his crotch, seemingly oblivious to his lack of clothing. "I didn't think we were as important as Kelly Morgan free porn www xnxx com and gay xnxx that prima donna bitch she has." "I xnxx bokep called the xxnn Barracuda, it's legit. We have to pay thirty percent of his check. It'll cost us three bucks an hour. Lodging and all that shit is on the company." "That's cool." Tyler silently did the math in his head, figuring out what three dollars was thirty percent of. Almost nine bucks an hour! Jesus! "You know that we site xnxx travel ninety percent of the year, right?" Daniel asked the boy, wondering if he understood the life that xnxx com he was getting into. "I haven't been home since last Christmas, and JD didn't even get to go then." "I don't want sunny leone xnxx to come back here." Tyler said, sitting back down at the table. "Did you tell him everything about..?" Daniel motioned his finger tamil xnxx between himself and JD. JD shook his head, and Daniel xnxx/ sighed. "How xnxx .com open minded xxnxx are you, Tyler?" "Pretty open minded I guess." Daniel thought for a moment, phrasing his words in xnxx asia his mind. xnxx hindi "I don't know if you picked up on this, but JD xnxx vina garut and I are together, you get it?" "You mean gay?" "Yeah, that's what I mean. Is that going to be a problem?" Daniel sat up straight and turned to face Tyler. "You will never have to worry about anyone ever making a move on you, I swear on my grandmother's grave, xnxx anime but you will be around two men that mean the world to each other, and we're not real xnxxx secretive xnxx indonesia about it." Tyler was quiet for a long pause. "It doesn't matter to me. I mean you guys don't bokep xnxx act, you know, like." "Like fags?" JD asked, impressed by xnxx japanese Tyler's honesty. "What you see is what you get. We're to guys that like to have a good time, and just happen to be together. For what it's worth, Daniel has xxx video never even looked at another guy, and doesn't find them attractive, just me." "Do you look at other guys?" Tyler asked. "Not in about six years. I found what I want." He winked at Daniel. "You are actually xnxx hot safer with us than running around with some of the others, because we won't let the gay make up people and hair dressers touch you, and believe me, they'll try." "I already had xnxx jav a bald guy grab my ass and wink at me this morning." Tyler grumbled, remembering the knocked over table that had resulted. "Well, assistants are considered property, and no one touches someone else's property." JD dropped of the bed and knocked Daniel's feet off the table, making his way to the closet. He pulled on tamil xnxx a xnxx movies pair of xnxx cina lightweight jogging shorts and a tank xnxx porno top, gathering his shoes as xnxx sex videos he went. "Come on, xnxx download Tyler, xnxx indo let's go see Randa and get you settled, then I'll drive you in to town if you need anything." He stooped and kissed Daniel at the door. "I'll start to pack." Daniel stood up and got out of xnxx sex video the way for them to leave. "We can leave after tonight's shoot, so let's get out of here early tomorrow. Are you sending Tyler with KSR, or is he going with us?" xnxx selingkuh They had planned xxxx a long trip home before going to the next shoot in xnxx mom Colorado, and a xxnx lot of the plan had been time together. "You decide," JD shrugged. "We can xnxx videos take him xnxx bokep and train him our way, or you can send him with xnxx hindi the bitches." "Pull him out of the shit hole in wardrobe, then throw him to the wolves? You're a saint, JD." Daniel snickered, leaning on the counter. xnxx movies "Let him get his xnxx teen stuff, then we'll get Mike to do an advance and take him with us. Might even meet some new friends, who knows?" JD herded Tyler through a number of trailers and past a dozen people, showing him and his position off so xnxx indo that everyone knew xnxx telugu where Tyler belonged. They road into town in Daniel's xnxx app new Explorer, enjoying the cold air https // xnxx porn and the CD player. JD was shocked when Tyler took him to a dilapidated trailer house porno xnxx and introduced him to his mother. The woman was like a zombie, hardly www xnxx com saying two words and showing little or no emotion. JD was moved by how attentive Tyler tried to be, always asking what she thought and telling her xnx vina garut xnxx how he'd miss her. Tyler packed a few shirts zoo xnxx and pants, some pictures, and a xnxx jepang few trinkets from his sparse bedroom. He kissed his mom and turned to leave, never looking back. They bought hamburgers and fries to take back, munching them out of the bag. JD listened to Tyler talk about his life and silently xnxx .com reminisced about how luck he and Daniel had been. They had lived a charmed life full of friends and family, whom the dearly missed. He predicted that Tyler sex xnxx wouldn't come back much, and vowed to help the kid as much as he could. That night they showed Tyler how to lay out the changes for maximum https // speed, and where to go to find what he was looking porno xnxx for. He met the make up people, the hairdressers, xnxx indonesia enjoyed a new commanding presence at wardrobe, and actually managed to do a fair job for his first time. Two a.m. xnnx found them stumbling back to the trailer. Tyler had headed for the staff tents, but felt videos xnxx Daniel's hand on his neck, gently steering him towards the trailer. "It'll be to fucking hot, Ty. You can fold the table down and sleep xnxx video there tonight." JD helped him fold it and lay out the cushions. The a/c felt great, and they all got ready for bed. Daniel brushed his teeth and showered, not nearly as covered xnxx with goo xnxx hd this time, then climbed up on the bed. JD pulled xnxx porno of his sweats and followed. He set the alarm for nine, kissed Daniel, and rolled over dead to the world. Tyler wasn't sure what to do. He washed up and changed into some boxers, believing that it would be best if he slept in those. He usually slept nude, apparently like his new bosses, but vanity won out, and he crawled onto the sheet, feeling the tension ease out of his shoulders. HE still couldn't believe his luck, and had trouble sleeping. He could hear snores from the xnxxx bed and glanced up at Daniel and JD, now curled together as they slept. It was sort of exciting to see the two men together, and Tyler was ashamed that it gave him a hardon. He had never considered what it might be like to be gay, and here it was right in front of him. JD had said that Daniel wasn't gay, that he just loved JD. For some xnnn reason, that xnxxcom made sense to Tyler. Un aware, xnxx gay he rubbed himself, imagining the two of them in his mind doing it. They were both pretty buff, and had incredible all over tans. He could see their bodies move together. It was exhilarating. xnnn Suddenly he realized what he was doing and also realized it was to late. His stomach knotted up, and he felt hot semen shoot out onto his flat stomach. He tried to be as quiet as he could, jerking in time with the spurts. Horrified, he searched for something to clean himself off, desperately hoping he hadn't awaken them. Resigned, he used xxx the boxers he wore, sopping up a large amount porno xnxx of semen, more than usual. He quietly stuffed them in his bag and crawled under the sheet naked, not daring make any more noise. They still snored quietly, and Tyler drifted off to sleep, hoping to god no one noticed. JD cracked xnxx porno one eye and watched, hearing familiar motions. Daniel slept hard, japan xnxx thankfully, free porn and wasn't disturbed. He heard Tyler cleaning up and smiled, realizing that he would never tell a soul what he'd witnessed. He remembered similar nights thinking indo xnxx about Danny in his home in bed. He fell back to sleep when Tyler settled. Daniel woke early like he always did, and was amused to find Tyler sprawled on the sheet with nothing on, his sunny leone xnxx morning hardon waving hello to everyone. He put on coffee and sat in the chair, xxnx taking a moment to admire the kid. He was quite nxxn muscular, with a dark tan that ended at his waist and started again on his thighs. It was obvious the kid was a hard worker, with clearly defined muscles and little fat. His medium length blond hair was a mass around his handsome face. Daniel shook his head and pick up a mystery he'd been reading. Before long JD got up and went in the bathroom, stopping to look at Tyler then back at Daniel, a lopsided xxxx smile on his face. They took their coffee out xnxx mom and sat on lawn chairs, admiring the beauty of the desert in the cool morning air. Half an hour later they heard the shower running. Daniel smirked, and JD smacked xnxx teen him with the back of his hand, waving his finger at the other. "Not one word." He instructed, hearing the door open. Tyler stumbled out in a ratty T-shirt and sunny leone xnxx faded cutoffs, squinting xnxx vina garut against the sun. He mumbled a thanks to Daniel, who produced a cup of coffee, then took a brush to porn his wet hair, causing them both to wince at xvideos the sound of the bristles pulling through it. They loaded the truck and stopped at the admin. motor home, getting their checks and an advance for Tyler of a thousand dollars. Tyler video xnxx was blown away, and let them help him set up a bank account with a debit card and everything he needed at xnxx desi his home bank. They stopped at a convenience store, the only store in town, sex videos and bought drinks, a cooler of ice, magazines, and edibles. Daniel drove them out of the desert towards Arizona, xnxx telugu listening to and singing along with xnxx korea Boston, Def Leppard, Motley Crew, and Queensryche. They entered Las Vegas late in the evening and got two rooms at a small motel xnxx selingkuh in Henderson, dropping the gear and looking for food. Next, Tyler was taken to japanese xnxx the mall and properly outfitted with new clothes and a haircut. JD was amazed how well the kid cleaned up, laughing as Daniel directed him to try on xnxx bokep outfit after outfit, highly critical of the way their new assistant should look on location. The mall closed at ten, and they went back to the xnxx tv motel exhausted. Tyler dumped his stuff on his bed and pulled the wrappings off a new suitcase. He carefully folded the clothes and put them away, then realized he hadn't actually paid porno for them. He searched his memory and remembered being pulled towards a shoe store by Daniel, leaving JD free to pay for everything. He smiled and shook his head, promising to get even with them. He grabbed his new shower kit and headed for xnxx arab the bathroom, unaware that he was whistling Boston tunes. He dressed in new bikini xnxx hot underwear (it felt pretty xnxx sex cool but took some getting used to), and plopped on the bed. It was quiet, and he couldn't even hear the xnxxcom highway from his room. After a few minutes, he realized he was lonely, but gay xnxx determined not to disturb JD and Daniel over xnxx india something so dumb. Fifteen minutes later, clad in new khaki shorts, he walked quietly to their room and tapped on the door. JD had xnxx gay a towel on his waist and smiled, allowing him in. "It's to quiet in my room." He shrugged, finding Daniel in a chair watching japanese xnxx the news. "We weren't sure if you wanted to stay in here or not," JD tousled his hair and went back into the bathroom. "You xnxx 2019 can stay in here if you want." "Do you mind?" Tyler asked, sitting on the end xnxx of the other bed. "I xnxx. com know it sounds stupid, but I'd rather be in here." Daniel chuckled and turned off the TV. "I remember when JD and I left for site xnxx our first gig about six years ago. We only went to the next town, but it seemed xnxx porn like the other side of the xnxx sex video planet." He adjusted the pillow on his bed and pulled the sheets back. "You're braver than I xnxx vina garut ever was. You just took a big ass xnxx anime jump and hoped to land on something soft. video porno Pretty gutsy." video porno He stripped off xnxx movies his clothes and stretched out, groaning. "God, that feels good." "How long have you guys been models?" Tyler asked, pulling the other bed xnxx app down. He hesitated for a moment, then stripped off his clothes and climbed in, pulling up the sheet. Daniel chuckled, watching Tyler settle in. "A guy named Rick Kirkland recruited us out of high school. We did a lot of ad campaigns for newspapers and some magazines, then about two years ago, Mike showed up and needed a bunch of people to shoot on location in Maui for swimming gear and underwear. We'd never been anywhere, so we jumped at it. I did a cologne ad while I xnxn was there, too, and brought home a check for almost forty thousand dollars. Needless xnxx india to say, we were hooked." "Are you guys really rich?" Tyler couldn't help him self. Forty thousand dollars was a staggering xxx xnxx sum of money. "Do all models get paid that much?" "Hell, no." JD said, wandering out of the bathroom in a towel and brushing his long light brown hair. "That's rare to bring in that much at one time. What Danny didn't tell you was that the cologne ad was his first nude, and that the amount he gave you was both of us combined." He laid the brush in his bag and threw the towel in the corner before climbing into the bed and laying his head on Daniel's chest. "We never stopped for the first three years," JD continued, fixing Tyler with a stare. "If it hadn't been for each of us being there for the other, we'd have xnxx hd bombed or killed ourselves. This work isn't for pusses, Tyler. You'll earn what you get, believe me." "What exactly am I xnxx desi gonna be doing, anyway?" The boy asked, silently intrigued xnxx barat by the other two's closeness. "So far, I haven't done anything." "tomorrow, Daniel'll start you on xnxx jepang the laptop. You'll handle hotel reservations, travel shit, anything that will get us where we're supposed to be on time." JD rolled onto his back and